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It’s one thing to build a green house: solar PV, solar hot water, sustainably harvested framing, recycled wood fiber & cement blocks for exterior, metal roof, recycled decking, efficient windows, no-VOC paint, permeable driveway, Dark Sky exterior lighting. We’ve done all that.
But on a day-to-day basis, what you do inside matters too. Toxics abound, hidden in seemingly innocuous household products and food containers. Unlike foods, cleaners are not required to bear ingredient labels, so it can be hard to know what you’re getting. This great checklist from the Environmental Working Group tells you not only what to avoid, but safer alternatives to choose.


Disturbing news today that genetically modified alfalfa has been approved. If you are a horse owner (like me) then of course you care if you feed alfalfa. But if you’re an urban dweller, you should care because of biotech contamination. What’s that? It is what happens in farm fields every day. Fields of crops attract pollinators and birds, who range widely, spreading seeds from one place to another, just as the wind does. Therefore, if a field of organic corn, for example, is near a field of genetically modified corn, wind, pollinators and birds can contaminate the organic field with seeds of modified corn. And what if that modified alfalfa might be growing near a wheat field that’s a source for flour you use in cooking? Read more about it.

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