I’ve discovered a new labor-saving gardening tool. And it’s stored in the cloud, not in your garage.

garden plan on growveg.com

Here’s an example: A portion of my own garden plan on http://www.growveg.com.

Here’s a shot of a portion of my plan for this year for my expanded garden, now 32 by 84 feet. Although the price to buy this tool is only $25, you can also get a free trial for 30 days, plenty of time to create a garden plan. When you select a variety of vegetable to plant and draw it like a text box on your plan, the software automatically calculates for you how many plants will fit in the space. So your plan also does the spacing for you. It’s pretty slick.

It’s one of the hundreds of things I have learned about from the Oregon State University Extension Service and our fantastic horticulture professor in Central Oregon, Amy Jo Detweiler.